Benefits of electronic cigarette

Without a doubt, the e -cigarette is a great invention . Compared with the traditional cigarettes , the electric alternatives were able to prevail at many consumers. One of the biggest advantages is probably the lowered risk of cancer. While there are currently no studies that could report on the long term effects of e-cigarettes , but you can already look to hand the inhaled ingredients extent. In addition to propylene glycol , glycerin, and water vapor are needed nor flavorings and nicotine – that ‘s it. When burning a conventional cigarette caused several thousand – some cancer causing toxins.

According to the ingredient propylene glycol e-cigarettes is probably the most familiar because this is already used in fog machines. Apart from the lower intake of pollutants also saves a lot of money. Currently a pack of cigarettes costs about 5 euros with 19 pieces. Is evaporated using an e -cigarette, so you pay the equivalent of less than half. On some models, it is even less a lot .

Also something else – what most will not think for a moment well – provides the e-cigarette benefits: That’s the smell. Many smokers it bothers often saying that they smell of a cigarette after a blue haze. One has then automatically a bad breath and pungent smells of smoke. With E-Cigarettes that is not the case. The steamer itself tastes only the selected flavoring, but his fellow man can not smell this . In addition, neither smell the clothes are still hands unpleasant smoke.

How does an electronic cigarette work?

In 2003, a Chinese inventor invented the electronic cigarette , or short e- cigarette. Since then the ever increasing popularity – even in Germany . The revolutionary aspect of these so-called electric cigarettes is how they work.

In contrast to conventional cigarettes no combustion takes place in these electronic cigarettes. This produces no toxic combustion products , resulting from the tobacco cigarettes. In this sense, therefore, you may at the electrical cigarette not speak from smoking in the strict sense , but would rather use the word “vapors”.

However, the operation of the electrical Ersatzglimmstängel is not too complicated. A commercial e- cigarette works on the aforementioned evaporation principle , divided into three main units. Firstly, you need a battery, which provides the necessary electrical energy. Guests will find a so-called evaporator that turns the liquid into vapor. Last would then deposit the call, in which the liquid to be evaporated is stored.

This liquid is a liquid that is usually mixed with some water filled into the depot. There are already a number of different liquids for e-cigarettes in all sorts of designs, colors and tastes. The liquid passes through the so-called wick then to the evaporator. This is then activated as required, and there are different modes of operation, which vary depending on the manufacturer and model something.

Either one activates the evaporator by a simple push of a button, or it is activated by negative pressure. This negative pressure is created when the consumer draws on the electronic cigarette.

What eZigarette is the best for me?

Once one has made ​​the decision to buy an electronic cigarette , many will already be overwhelmed. Due to the growing popularity of electric -cigarette , there are already numerous providers on the market. Each of these vendors and distributors performs a variety of different models and types of e-cigarettes . Quite apart from the liquids , of which there are to buy numerous variants . The liquids differ in their nicotine content and their flavor and color.

Now if it comes to finding the most suitable e-cigarette, you should pay attention to several factors and decision criteria. For most all include advancing the price of the device and the cost of maintenance. High quality vapor cigarettes are already acquiring from 30 EUR. The price change batteries and depots are already mitinbegriffen .

Of course, there are also cheaper electronic cigarettes. This is often also called disposable devices , ie one can use them only once , and a replenishment of the liquids is not possible. Such simple disposable cigarettes usually cost 5-10 Euros and are perfect if you want to test the electric steaming once suggested.

Another criterion is the depot size . In this depot, the liquid is stored and the size is therefore beside the battery performance crucial for the time that you can steam without a refill. Of course, you should align here according to his needs . So a little – smoker will also make do with a very small depot and only a small battery performance , whereas people who often steam would probably better off with a larger depot and battery.